Install WordPress on DirectAdmin Manually

In order to Install WordPress on DirectAdmin manually you need to follow these steps..

1- Create Database for WordPress

First of all you need to create database for the wordpress from your DirectAdmin Panel. Account Manager > MySQL Management

directadmin mysql management database
directadmin create new database

2- Download WordPress

Now you need to download latest version of WordPress zip file from WordPress website

wordpress download

3- Extract the file to the folder or main directory where you want your wordpress to be installed for example you want it to be installed in folder using File Manager

4- Now you need to visit the

Now you need to put your database credentials in wordpress installation form

5- You will be greeted enthusiastically by the following message from WordPress. Click ‘Run the installation’ to start the WordPress five-minute installation process.   

6- WordPress then asks you for the information below. Complete the fields, write down your username and password should you lose them, and click ‘Install WordPress’.   

7- After installation you can login to your wordpress admin at

8- That’s it you have successfully Installed wordpress on your server with DirectAdmin Manually

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